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Woolman Uses Agileday’s Operating Platform to Enable Profitable Growth and High Engagement

Before Agileday, we struggled to keep track of consultants' projects, availabilities and allocations. With people juggling multiple client assignments simultaneously, it was hard to see the reality of our operations. Unlike traditional resourcing tools, Agileday motivates everyone to keep their information up to date. This has enabled us to grow profitably while keeping our people happy.

Juha Harju

CEO and Founder

Woolman is an award-winning international full-service Shopify Plus Agency that thrives on selling end-to-end projects to help its customers meet their business goals in the world of ecommerce. To help serve their clients' and consultants' interests as well as with running their business operations more efficiently, Woolman chose Agileday as its partner for operating technology. By increasing transparency into the operations and making data-backed decisions, the company improved its profitability by 35%.

Key takeaways:
  • Woolman adopted Agileday in use to enhance operational efficiency, employee engagement, and profitable growth. The company has achieved a 35% increase in profitability and is committed to maintaining this growth trajectory in the upcoming year.
  • Agileday's platform grants Woolman a comprehensive view of their complex operations and a better understanding of ongoing and upcoming projects. By leveraging Agileday, the company can distribute work more efficiently resulting in improved productivity and a better grasp of the business's operations.
  • By integrating the unique “Woolman skill set” into people’s Agileday profiles, Woolman aims to cultivate the development of a shared skillset, align the people with the core values, and foster higher employee engagement.

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, Woolman - a Fusion ecosystem company - has emerged as a top-tier player, providing full-service Shopify solutions to clients worldwide. With a vision to dismantle technological barriers and enable businesses to concentrate on growth rather than intricacies of IT, Woolman has grown into an internationally recognized Shopify agency, boasting over 100 people in offices in Finland, Sweden, the UK, and Netherlands.

Over the past year, Woolman's main focus has been to enhance its performance and boost profitability. To achieve its goals, Woolman turned to Agileday to gain a better understanding of its business operations and improve employee engagement. The results speak for themselves: the company has seen a 35% increase in profitability and plans to maintain this upward trend in the future.

“Agileday has been a valuable addition to our toolkit resulting in promising outcomes in terms of efficiency and profitability. We hope to continue on this path next year as we aim to grow by 20%, while maintaining 15% profitability rate. Agileday is instrumental in our success driving the development of teams, processes, new services, and customer service”, says Juha Harju, the Founder and CEO of Woolman.

From Bits and Pieces to Understanding the Operational Whole

What differentiates Woolman from typical IT consultancies is their dedication to certain technologies and selling repeatable projects that meet customers' business needs. To be the best in this, Woolman's operations must work 'like a machine' to achieve the most efficient project cycles that secure profitability.

With consultants working on multiple projects at once, grasping the view of the operational whole was challenging. Woolman's complex operational landscape necessitated a solution that could provide a comprehensive overview of ongoing projects, consultant workloads, and skill utilization. Agileday's platform filled this void, offering transparency and clarity that spreadsheets couldn't match.

"By leveraging Agileday, we can see our entire organization and the projects people are working on. With this data, we can allocate work more evenly among consultants and enhance our understanding about the business," says Juha Harju, CEO and Founder of Woolman.

Incorporating Woolman Values into Personal Skill Development

While the efforts to streamline processes may enable higher profitability and growth, they can often present another challenge: people start feeling like parts of a machine rather than respected individuals. Woolman saw that with Agileday, they can in fact maintain both. As the platform enables showcasing skills and interests, project teams can easily be built based on individuals’ interests while simultaneously maintaining the multi-disciplinary approach that sets Woolman apart.

Woolman has always operated as a flat organization that places value on its people and culture. For them, Agileday’s platform served as a tool to improve its culture, too. As part of the onboarding, the company decided to integrate “Woolman skillset” to everyone’s profile. It brings Woolman’s values alive in soft skills, such as collaboration, customer-centricity, growth mindset, and enables development in these areas too.

“Our people and our culture are what make us us. We wanted to make our values part of people’s development so that our customers can always feel it too. By focusing on improving our common skillset, we can systematically develop our culture and ensure that what is important for us is visible in the everyday. These actions also lead to higher engagement”, Juha elaborates.

Business Tool that Answers the Eternal Questions of Professional Services

According to Woolman’s CEO and Founder, Juha Harju, Agileday has been able to solve issues that have persisted in professional services for ages. With the new solution, Woolman and its consultants can make decisions that are good for people and business in any circumstance. Juha states:

“Throughout my career, the same questions have been repeated: What and with whom are people working with? How much time are they using and are they available for other cases? Unlike traditional resourcing tools, Agileday offers a solution in which the entire work community participates in providing up-to-date information to these questions. It combines history, present, and future, thereby building sustainable results and profitable growth.”

Throughout the onboarding process, Woolman and Agileday have collaborated closely. With daily meetings and open communication facilitating a seamless transition, Woolman's team has quickly embraced Agileday as a core tool in the daily operations. With the adoption of Agileday, Woolman continues its journey to become a global e-commerce professional, where people, efficiency, and excellence intersect to help their customers succeed.

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