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Meet Beth, Business Director

Beth, an business director in a professional services firm, struggles to get a reliable image to make decisions. Data is scattered across various tools, forecasting the business is difficult, and each department is optimizing their own turf. The business is more reactive than proactive in pursuing growth, leading to an increased attrition as employees feel uncertain and passive about the future.


No visibility to the business in one tool
Siloed company with lack of transparency
Focus on daily issues rather than strategy execution
Unengaged professionals and stagnant growth

With Agileday:

Real-time and accurate data on revenue, utilization, people and more
Make strategy and business plans visible
Use data to scale the business and lead growth
Create a culture of collaboration and trust

"We want to be as transparent as possible but requires that we give a lot of information to people. Agileday helps without the overload by bringing all relevant information empowering people to action."

Janne Tirkkonen

CEO at Alfame

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View cross-organizational data on utilization, allocations, actuals, revenue and more in easy-to-understand format.

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Ensure a smooth flow of accurate information to the invoicing systems.

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