Long-term value with short-term savings

Reduce technology spend with our all-in-one operating platform and stand out by putting people first.

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For professionals in any field

IT & software

Technology experts and consultants working on client projects


Business consultancies and other expert firms running various projects at once

Creative agencies

Creative minds craving less admin tasks and more time for innovation


Engineering and in-house expert teams solving complex cases everyday

Agileday's business impact is like a layered cake. Tastes great.

Agileday is good for business in many ways. Discover the potential with this example that estimates its annual value in a 100 FTE company.


Save software license costs

Agileday replaces existing tools and cuts existing license costs related to:

Resource management

Strategy and OKRs

Skills management

HR management

Time tracking

Pulse, surveys & feedback


Business impact:

Save on average 30-40k€ annually by replacing siloed tools for one.

IN A quarter

Save time and reduce overhead

Reduce time spent on context-switching and communication, while enhancing visibility into your operations. By minimizing tasks and effectively assigning talent, you can optimize productivity.

Business impact:

Save 1%-point from overhead utilized to customer work and increase profit and revenue by 150-200k€ per year.

IN ONE year

Improve critical business metrics


Optimize talent utilization and cooperation

by facilitating intelligent matchmaking within your organization.


Increase win rates

by bringing the organization's intelligence, ideas, and right people into important sales opportunities.


Improve employee engagement and reduce attrition

by nurturing key motivational factors: feelings of purpose, autonomy, and mastery in everyday work.

Business impact:

Improve win rate by 3%-point and utilization by 1%-point and notice 200-250k€ more profit and up to 600k€ more revenue per year.

IN 1–3 years

Build competitive differentiation

The source of competitive advantage is your people. Connect your company and develop people-centric culture and operations to build an attractive brand for talent and customers.

Business impact:

Create people-first operations to win the most lucrative deals, attract the best talent and increase the valuation of the company.


Connect to essential tools for maximum impact

Agileday integrates with your CRM, finance, collaboration, and task management systems. Maximize their potential with our advanced features.

Explore our integrations
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Bring everyone on the same page

With sales, project delivery and consultants connected, you can save time in back-and-forth communication. The beauty of transparency.

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Opportunities with information about starting time, size and technology


Smart matching of people and projects

Keep talent off the bench and ensure everyone is fired up by the assignments of their choosing. Healthy utilization drives profitability.

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People-first culture - the secret sauce of value

People make up your business. Fostering a community that professionals are eager to be a part of.

More about our philosophy
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"While our old systems and tools served their purpose well, they still left us wanting more. We needed more transparency, more relevant data for our people, and an easy-to-use platform that enabled us to run our business more efficiently."

Anthony Gyursanszky

CEO at Codento

Solution for all roles

Agileday's value extends to everyone. What is the challenge our platform helps you solve?