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Agileday is the only Professional Service Automation Software that uses a collaborative matching process to connect talent with demand.

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Easy and seamless integration

Our technology is designed to be integrated. With ready-made integrations or custom APIs, we ensure that data is always flowing and up to data.

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Automated migration paths

Google Sheets

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Ongoing support and feedback

Secure Slack channel for two-way communication
Online chat (with 8 min average response time)
Analytics and recurring meetings to secure value in the long-term

Ready-made data templates

Events to gather customer input
Industry best practices

A true single source of truth for your business

Operate your business with a perfect view of reality. Agileday connects your data in an intuitive user interface and engages your entire organization in action. Seamless workflows, simpler work-life.

Step from the old...

Fragmented data in multiple systems
Management requesting
High level of manual work
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... to the new:

Single source of truth
Proactive participation
Speed with real-time data & automation

Sales flow

Turn leads to projects by engaging best skills and cases in the process.

Lead generation

Gather leads from everyone in one easy lead generation channel.

Engage presales

Convert CRM data into information the whole team can rally behind.

Opportunity staffing

Staff projects fast by matching talent interests and client needs.

Generate references

Generate beautiful testimonials automatically and share in any format.

Opportunity cards showing key information

People flow

Keep consultants motivated by assigning projects that align with their interests.

Talent profiles

Showcase experience, skills, desires, and goals in up-to-date profiles.

Find next assignment

Request new projects and show interest in cases based on interests.

Generate CV

Generate beautiful CVs automatically based on latest profile data.

Develop competence

Lead competence development in alignment with strategic priorities.

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Project flow

Keep projects on track and ensure customer success with real-time data.

Optimize allocations

Get suggestions based real-time allocation data to optimize utilization.

Time tracking

Report hours and track time cards to minimize surprises.

Generate invoices

Connect time tracking with finance tools to invoice based on data.

Lead performance

Lead utilization and performance with all operational data in one tool.

Employee's allocation data

Lead with connected data

Lead an aligned business on accurate data.


Find relevant information on skills, customers, projects with one click.

Strategy and OKRs

Connect strategy, gameplans and OKRs to everday operations.

Measure engagement

Send surveys to people and act on engagement and other insights.


Lead your business with accurate real-time data and forecasts.

Analytics data showing the difference between skill proficiency and willingness

Our onboarding gets you flowing

Starting with Agileday is as straightforward as its use. Our onboarding process is designed to ensure this. Witness quick results together with our experienced onboarding team, pre-made data templates, and continuous support.

More about onboarding

When we need a fix or help, the team has been on top of it immediately. Their commitment to their customers has been nothing short of exceptional.

Head of Delivery Operations at Unikie

A solution everyone loves to use

Beautiful design and advanced features helps any role make the most of every day.

Frequently asked about product


4 questions

Who is the target audience of your operating platform?

Agileday is suitable for professional services of all kinds. Primarily, we serve IT and digital consulting firms and creative agencies but also support engineering and management consulting, in-house software product houses. You can also use Agileday to manage internal development portfolios.

What problem does Agileday solve?

We help professional services firms run their operations efficiently by optimizing everything between managing sales opportunities in CRM to invoicing client work. Our data-based matchmaking process connects talent, sales opportunities, and projects to improve collaboration and engagement across your company.

Can Agileday be used solely within one company or across different companies?

We support a multi-company setup for closely interconnected companies, such as within an ecosystem or a group. For more loosely coupled companies, we would love to discuss our current plans.

Is Agileday a marketplace for consultants?

No. Agileday is an operating platform enabling professional services companies operate smoothly and efficiently within the company. We are not a marketplace of consultants.

Is it possible for me to customize Agileday to suit my preferences perfectly?

Yes and no. While we offer extensive flexibility through settings and configuration options, we also adhere to our design principles that advocate for collaboration and people-centered approaches in leading companies. These principles stem from research findings and our own experiences, highlighting the most effective methods for managing professional work operations. We are confident that these principles guide optimal operations and deliver exceptional user experiences without any compromises.

Does Agileday replace CRM?

High-quality CRM is an important tool to run a successful professional services business. Agileday integrates with the CRM of your choice.

Which tools can Agileday replace?

Usually, we substitute tools like resource management, skills management, time tracking, strategy/OKR tools, CV generation, HR management, talent engagement tools, and different spreadsheets. Additionally, we often replace internally developed systems that have become costly to build and upkeep.

Which tools do you integrate with?

We seamlessly integrate with CRM systems, which is the only tool you need to get started with Agileday. Other common integrations are applicant tracking systems (e.g. Teamtailor), task management systems (e.g. Jira), and financial systems (e.g. Netsuite).

You can continue using your own time tracking tools (like Harvest) or HR systems (like Personio) with our integrations, or purchase these features as extensions to the core Agileday features.

We can also connect your data to a data warehouse for business intelligence needs easily. Additionally, we provide a robust API and event service for seamless integration with any tools of your choosing.

How often do you release new versions of the product?

Typically, we roll out new feature updates weekly. For detailed release notes, users can check under the Agileday logo located in the top left corner of the product UI.

Is it possible to try out the product before making a purchase?

Certainly. We are happy to set up a private pilot environment for you to test using your actual data.

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