Prepare your skills and staff management for the modern era

Aligning right talent with right projects and ensuring skills for the future is crucial for professional services firms of today. Traditional staffing approaches often neglect individual interests and strengths eating away satisfaction and efficiency. Agileday an innovative tool to skills and staff management balances supply and demand - now and in the future - with a people-first design.

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Lead skills today to benefit the you of tomorrow

Agileday approaches skill development and staff management unlike traditional tools. We help you embrace a human-centric model that values empathy and strategic foresight. Our features consider the needs of your talent as a central component of the staffing equation. By bringing data together, Agileday achieves a magical matchmaking that benefits everyone involved: people are more engaged and motivated, projects are staffed with the right talent, and the overall business thrives.

Enhance motivation

Invite your professional to take part in the project matching. Let them find projects that peak their motivation.

Develop skills

Identify the skills people have and skills gaps in your portfolio based on customer, sales and people data.

Meet future demand

Prepare for future by exploring data. Find skills that are more in demand and that you might need to recruit.

Continuous learning

Combine skills management as part of the everyday. Ensure learning in projects by continuous feedback loops.

Balance the people and business

In professional service firms, managing the delicate balance of assigning the right people to the right projects can be daunting. Fast pace and siloed data only exacerbate these issues. Address your staffing and skills management pain points with Agileday.

Streamline cross-company coordination

With everyone operating in one tool and on the same reality, Agileday simplifies the coordination between people's needs, customer wants and business goals.

Enhance two-way communication

With Agileday, visibility into consultants' allocations and and interest is clear. The features foster a two-way dialogue that respects the desires and strengths of each individual.

Optimize talent and project matching

The tool's advanced search capabilities support efficient talent matching based on skills, interests, and availability, turning the staffing process into an opportunity for development.

Enhance transparency into skills gaps

By bringing everyone skills and experience in one tool, you can develop your skilling strategy with Agileday. Identify recruitment, training or reskilling needs in advance.

New way to manage staff and skills

Agileday redefines staff management with a focus on enhancing the human experience at work. It is a valuable tool for staffing managers, HR professionals, and project managers, as well as business leaders to identify a more effective way to staff projects, empathy first.  With Agileday you can make sure your professional services firm is set for what’s to come.

Discover the difference Agileday makes to your staffing approach.

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