Staff better on a two-way street

Collaborative matchmaking invites everyone to take part in connecting talent with demand. Tame the chaos and improve utilization, people first.

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Meet John, Operations Manager

John’s key priority is managing the balance between talent supply and demand. This includes assigning consultants to client projects and ensuring an empty bench. But without visibility to the sales pipeline and lack of knowledge on what is going on, his straightforward job is a complex puzzle. Continuous tool switching leads to chaos, utilization issues and burnt out consultants.


No real-time visibility to allocations and actuals
No visibility to consultants’ interests and workload
Lack of dialogue and time wasted on coordination
Chaotic and inefficient process with wrong focus areas

With Agileday:

View sales pipeline and plan allocations in one tool
See availability of consultants and sub-contractors a
Match people with projects according to interests
Use data to improve utilization and efficiency

“Agileday’s offering aligned perfectly with our need. With Agileday, we are able to manage talent and allocations, identify skills gaps, and create development opportunities that enhance both individual growth and company success."

Kari Jussila

Director of Delivery Operations, Unikie

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