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Software Sauna Makes a Smooth Move to Better Teamwork and Productivity

Before, it took a lot of time to get information and find teams or solutions to resourcing problems. We collaborated using our CRM, old matching tool, Slack, and hold meetings. Now, everything happens in Agileday."

Joona Komulainen

Commercial Director

Software Sauna, the steamiest software company within its field, has experienced remarkable growth since its first spark six years ago. They specialize in nearshore software development for their clients all over Europe and have teams working remotely from Croatia, Finland, and North Macedonia. To ensure growth and tackle information flow issues, they switched from their old system to Agileday, unlocking new efficiencies and benefits.

The Opportunity: Enhanced Transparency and Collaboration

As Software Sauna grows at a 40% annual rate, the company needed a robust solution to enhance information flow and simplify collaboration among its remote teams. Even though they had a system for managing talent and keeping CVs, matching the right people to sales cases was still a lot of work. The process took a lot of manual work, so it was definitely ready for an upgrade.

"Finding the right talent at the right time for sales cases was a major hurdle," says Joona Komulainen, Chief Commercial Officer at Software Sauna. "We had an existing tool, but it required a lot of manual labor and wasn't systematic. It was supposed to solve our challenges but made the process time-consuming and inefficient."

The Hunt for a Better Solution

In their quest for more transparency and automation, Software Sauna discovered Agileday. They wanted something that worked with their CRM and made it easier for sales and HR to share information. Agileday's capabilities and experienced team stood out from the crowd. Despite Joona's initial doubt, the switch from the old system to the new proved highly beneficial.

"At first, I wasn't sure because our existing solution hadn't worked out," Joona admits. "So, what made Agileday different? I was positively surprised. Agileday's team offered great insights from their experience and has had our back since day one."

Benefits: From CRM Integration to Faster Information Flow

Joona was happy to find out that Agileday was the perfect pick. One of the most valuable functionalities of Agileday for Software Sauna has been the CRM integration, which brings sales, operations, and people together in one tool. Everyone now has the correct information at their fingertips, speeding up processes. For example, Agileday's built-in CV editor has made it easier to generate profiles for client cases quickly.

"Before, it took a lot of time to get information and find teams or solutions to resourcing problems," Joona says. "We collaborated using our CRM, matching tool, Slack, and meetings. Now, everything happens in Agileday."

Joona highlights the importance of keeping sales data up-to-date to fully reap Agileday's benefits. "Agileday is as good as the quality of your data. The better you are at keeping it up to date, the easier and more automated your sales and operations become. In comparison, getting a Ferrari without sufficient driving skills makes your Maranello stallion as dull as any other car."

Smooth Transitioning to Agileday

The onboarding process with Agileday was smooth and supportive. From the beginning, the team offered invaluable insights and demonstrated a solid commitment to Software Sauna's goals. Unlike other SaaS companies, Agileday provided extensive support, adapting processes to meet Software Sauna's needs and schedules.

"The onboarding process was highly supportive," Joona highlights. "Typically, SaaS companies don't offer small companies much support, but Agileday was something else. They were flexible and dedicated to adjusting the process to meet our requests and timelines." 

Software Sauna is still in the early stages of its Agileday journey, with employees gradually adapting to the new system. Despite the typical challenges of transitioning to a new platform, the team is beginning to see improved transparency and efficiency benefits.

"People usually aren't too excited about new systems," Joona admits. "But eventually, people can see that the help with transparency. In my role, I keep the sales data up to date and encourage others to do the same."

Strong Recommendation

Agileday is genuinely helping Software Sauna with its operations and teamwork, especially since everyone's scattered. Reflecting on their experience with Agileday's features and customer support, Joona recommends Agileday to other companies.

"I've already recommended Agileday to smaller and larger companies due to its automation capabilities. As a small company, it's better to get processes in shape right at the start rather than face challenges later when everything becomes more complex."

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