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How Codento runs everyday operations and decision-making with Agileday

"While our old systems and tools served their purpose well, they still left us wanting more. We needed more transparency, more relevant data for our people, and an easy-to-use platform that enabled us to run our business more efficiently."

Anthony Gyursanszky

CEO at Codento

Codento moved from running the business with spreadsheets and an isolated CRM system to using Agileday in the everyday. After quick adoption of the platform, they now use it to plan upcoming projects, explore new leads, understand capacity, match people with projects based on their skills, and to make data-based decisions in their meetings.

Key takeaways:
  • Codento, a Nordic AI and software consulting company, found a game-changing partner in Agileday for their daily operations and moved their business operations from spreadsheets and a separate CRM system to one platform.
  • With Agileday, everyone at Codento can access real-time data, increasing the company’s transparency as well as the relevance of the data. The consultants now feel more empowered to make informed decisions about projects, opportunities or skills matching. 
  • Agileday seamlessly integrates into Codento's daily routines, and it is used to run meetings and strategy planning making it an indispensable asset for the company.

Codento, a Nordic pioneer in AI, data, software and cloud consulting has adopted Agileday in use. Founded in 2005, Codento’s business has grown fast with customers ever more satisfied with the work and results. The company specializes in AI and app innovation and helps its customers gain competitive edge on Google Cloud through clear customer foresight, smarter operations and intelligent technology. 

While the business has soared, the ways of working have remained on typical tools used for operations: spreadsheets and a separate CRM system. To support the company values of pioneering, empathy, and perseverance, Codento decided to take Agileday in use to ensure their ways of working and data relevance matched the speed of the market and respected their people’s interests.

Replacing spreadsheets increased transparency and relevance of data

Like many SMEs, Codento relied on spreadsheets and CRM system to manage its operations. Even though these tools worked well for the individual users, the approach was challenging as it failed to provide an accurate and transparent overview of the company's activities for everyone. Keeping the date up to date was also a cumbersome task.

"While our old systems and tools served their purpose well, they still left us wanting more. We needed more transparency, more relevant data for our people, and an easy-to-use platform that enabled us to run our business more efficiently”, Codento’s CEO Anthony Gyursanszky explains the situation.

By adopting Agileday, Codento was able to replace most of the spreadsheets used for operations and make relevant data available for the entire organization. With the increased transparency and access to real-time information on projects and customers, everyone is now empowered to make informed decisions based on more accurate data. The shift transformed the way Codento operates.

Agileday becomes an everyday tool used from meetings to strategy planning

Agileday’s platform integrated into Codento's daily routines seamlessly and altered for example, how the company conducts meetings and uses data. While typically users have witnessed the value of the technology in critical processes, Codento has also recognized the tool’s potential in making meetings more effective.

"Agileday is now the cornerstone of our business meetings, recruitment discussions, and worksite meetings, replacing many of our spreadsheets used previously. This shift was driven by the valuable data and user-friendly interface that Agileday provides. When we use the tool every day, everyone sees its value”, Anthony says.

People have eagerly embraced the features of the platform praising its user experience and modern look. With the tool in daily use, consultants are more active in sharing leads, updating their skills and interests and exploring what is happening within Codento.

Achieving successful onboarding with ease

Introducing a new technology can be daunting but with Codento it was remarkably efficient. Agileday seamlessly integrated into the company existing tools and work environment without any need for top-down enforcement. The project ran smoothly, and the consultants welcomed the new tool with open arms. 

Anthony comments, "Onboarding Agileday was effortless, and it slipped into our workflow naturally. The team has been super quick in responding to our needs. As more team members use the tool and contribute data, its benefits have become increasingly evident to everyone, encouraging further adoption."

"Agileday has not only replaced our inconvenient tools but holds immeasurable value to our processes and daily operations. People are excited and the platform has become an indispensable asset for our company”, Codento’s CEO concludes.

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