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Our onboarding services

Derive the maximum value from Agileday from the start. Our onboarding team ensures smooth start with your existing data. The NPS of 90 says it all.

Agileday's onboarding team

Step-by-step, hand-in-hand

We are dedicated to your success.  We have perfected our approach into an onboarding formula that is tailored to your company's needs.

1. Assess

We assess your current environment, tools, and how Agileday impacts it.

2. Configure

We prepare and configure your data to meet with Agileday standards.

3. Migrate

Our back-end team migrates your data to Agileday.

4. Integrate

After the foundation is built, we connect Agileday to the right tools for workflows.

5. Train

In team trainings, we equip your people with the skills to use Agileday.

6. Support

Once Agileday is live we maintain continuous dialogue to ensure your success.

Wealth of experience to help you

Our customer success team members are industry veterans with experience from change management to complex technology transformations. From onboarding tens of customers and benchmarking best practices, your dedicated customer success manager ensures getting started with Agileday is a breeze.

Agileday's onboarding team

Automated migration paths

Google Sheets

With more coming!

Ongoing support and feedback

Secure Slack channel for two-way communication
Online chat (with 8 min average response time)
Analytics and recurring meetings to secure value in the long-term

Ready-made data templates

Events to gather customer input
Industry best practices

Discover the success stories our onboarding services have initiated.

"Onboarding Agileday was effortless, and it slipped into our workflow naturally. The team has been super quick in responding to our needs. As more team members use the tool and contribute data, its benefits have become increasingly evident to everyone, encouraging further adoption."

CEO at Codento

Frequently asked about onboarding


4 questions

How do I get started with Agileday?

Reach out to us to kickstart the process. Within a few hours, the Agileday instance will be active, and we'll assist you through the onboarding process. Soon enough, you'll be ready to test and utilize Agileday.

Is the implementation easy or will it cause disrupt in my business operations?

Rest assured, the process is simple and we will handle the heavy lifting for you if needed. Our customers are often impressed by how quickly we get Agileday up and running. We have a super experienced team, refined practices that are accumulated over numerous onboarding processes, and a significant level of automation for data transfer. You won’t be overwhelmed by a massive project. With an onboarding NPS exceeding 80, our customers seem to love our team and the process as much as we do.

Why should I prioritize this tool/software project over others?

Agileday influences your key performance indicators crucial for growth and profitability, such as utilization, win rates, and employee satisfaction. The sooner you begin, the sooner you will reap the benefits. Agileday also brings in a modern and transparent operational approach. By starting this journey, you will create a competitive edge over those sticking to traditional methods. So better start now.

We are currently using another system. How can we shift from our current software to Agileday?

It can be easily done. Our automated migration pathways efficiently convert your current data to Agileday. We handle it all for you, don’t worry.

Do you have experience in shifting from another software to Agileday?

Plenty! This is part of almost every onboarding process and have already consolidated numerous systems.

What should I do if my existing data is of low quality?

It is a common scenario, and joining Agileday presents a fantastic opportunity for improvement. Often, the reason for poor data quality lies in the fact that previous tools prioritized numbers over people. Consequently, those responsible for data upkeep do not see the value in maintaining it, leading to neglect.

When the data is interconnected, the entire process benefits from accurate updates (e.g., improving skills results in better recommendations). Rest assured, we will address data quality issues, and Agileday will assist in maintaining high data quality standards from now onwards.

How will you support me after onboarding?

We will continue to provide excellent support for you. Moving forward, you will have the same dedicated customer success officer assisting you. Expect a fast response time within our chat/Slack channel (averaging 8 minutes) and comprehensive documentation to guide you through in different situations.

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