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Designed to be integrated

Agileday brings your key tools and siloed data together. It is the piece of the puzzle that makes sense of the rest.

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Connect your tools and teams

One place to run your operations. No more jumping between tools. Save time and focus on what truly matters.

Plug-and-play integrations

Save time and effort with our tested and pre-configured integrations to various tools on the market.


Guide everyone's action with automated workflows that enable efficient and effective operations.

APIs and event-based integrations

Use GraphQL API to access your data or listen to your events through advanced messaging service.

Data safety and security

Your data is safe with us. We take extensive measures to ensure that your security standards are met.

Seamless work across your toolkit

Authenticate automatically with existing credentials and collaborate in Slack or tools of your choice.

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Sales updates directly from your CRM

Integrate Agileday with your CRM software to show new opportunities and build proposals together with the team.

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New recruits up to speed quickly

Integrate your recruitment and HR software to allocate new employees to projects from day one.

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Perfectly balanced plate of tasks

Connect your task management data back to Agileday and enjoy the perfect balance of resource and flow efficiency.

Invoicing based on actuals

With integration to your invoicing system, billing projects and ensuring accurate data is seamless.

Timereporting view for a project

Missing an integration? Let's find it.

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We take data safety seriously

The security of your data is our top priority. Our experienced team is dedicated to maintaining top-notch quality and security standards. See the measures we take, so you can enjoy a peace of mind.

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Frequently asked about data and privacy

Data and Privacy

4 questions

How do you process my data?

We prioritize data processing and sensitivity with great care, maintaining high standards when accessing and handling data. The data processing procedures are outlined in a Data Processing Agreement (DPA), which will be included in the Agileday agreement.

What measures do you take to ensure security?

We implement a comprehensive range of measures to guarantee the highest level of security for our customers. Within our team, there is a dedicated security officer who oversees and tracks the progress. Our security measures include training the entire team on best practices, implementing clear access restrictions, providing 24/7 monitoring, and adhering to strict security policies on a daily basis.

Where is the data located?

The data is situated within the EU.

Have you been audited by third parties?

Agileday undergoes regular audits by reputable third-party advisors. Additionally, we have been audited by clients in industries with stringent security standards.

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