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Agileday consolidates your team data in one platform so you can focus leading performance. Know what’s happening early on to safeguard well-being.

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Meet Taylor, Team Lead

Taylor, as a team lead, feels frustrated as each team operates differently, lacks collaboration, and is consumed by constant communication and administrative duties. This leaves her with little time to align the team with the strategy, support their well-being, or nurture the development of consultants.


Administrative and resourcing task fill up the days
No time for people development or coaching
Unclear team plans, goals and disconnection from strategy

With Agileday:

View teams’ projects, workload, approve holidays
Strengthen collaboration and feedback culture
Align team goals with strategy and people’s growth plans

Before, it took a lot of time to get information and find teams or solutions to resourcing problems. We collaborated using our CRM, old matching tool, Slack, and hold meetings. Now, everything happens in Agileday."

Joona Komulainen

Commercial Director

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Align your team with company strategy and OKRs to strengthen professionals’ connection with shared purpose.

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Review your team's projects, allocations, and development needs to maintain high energy levels that inspire and motivate.

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