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Link skills and capabilities to customer opportunities swiftly and achieve success with the help of others. Create the faster sales cycles, together.

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Meet James, Sales Lead

To win sales, James needs a consultative sales approach and to maintain an updated understanding of the skills and availability of consultants for projects. Without the right tools or knowledge of top experts, sales is time-consuming with various back-and-forth discussions. Sales is not a collaborative process leaving core client needs unanswered.


No real-time understanding of skills or availabilities
Time-consuming manual work and communications
No visibility to customer projects or opportunities
Lack of support in complex sales cases

With Agileday:

Find skills to projects based on client and consultants' needs
Enrich sales opportunities with the right experts
Generate CVs and references in the right format
Receive leads from everyone in the company

"Agileday’s data complements our own and everyone can see it. The curtain has been lifted from sales as everyone can see the pipeline, new opportunities in the platform and indicate their interest in projects."

Lasse Räty

Co-Founder and CEO at Bofor

Explore Agileday’s features for sales

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Share sales opportunities from CRM and enhance customer proposals with the help of your community.

Confirmation view, saluting the user for dropping a new lead

Easily generate sales tips from using Agileday's built-in lead channel.

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Find relevant documents like CVs and references cases. Always up-to-date in the format you need.

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Locate candidates who are interested in customer opportunities and use their expertise to create winning proposals.

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