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Meet Tim, Consultant

Excited about learning and professional growth, Tim finds fulfilment in solving customer challenges. However, at times, he feels like he is seen more as a resource than a person with his own interests at work. Assigned to projects that do not align with his developmental goals and with his opinions going unheard, Tim’s motivation dwindles.


Feels like a resource and a row in a spreadsheet
Has no say in the projects he is allocated in
Feels that projects are not developing his skills
Lacks motivation and purpose

With Agileday:

Keep skills, development needs and CV up-to-date
Show interest in open opportunities
Actively lead own career growth within the workplace
Assist colleagues with sales and help requests

"People are the most important part of our company. Agileday represents an incredible solution that allows us to give space and freedom to our consultants to choose their projects."

Ewa Szcozodrak

Talent Acquisition Lead at the Codest

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