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Agileday's platform shifts talent development from an annual talks to a daily practice. Foster people-centric operations where growth flourishes.

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Meet Mary, HR Lead

Mary, an HR Lead, aims to enhance the employee experience by understanding people's needs while balancing operations and business. Hindered by administrative tasks and lack of operational data, she constantly feels like HR is its own silo, always one step behind in recruiting and reskilling.


Time spent in administrative HR tasks
Disconnected from operations and business objectives
No link between business forecasts and recruitment
Supportive role in the organization

With Agileday:

View people,  skills,, and development needs in one tool
Drive action with always up-to-date competence data
Connect new recruits to projects before their first day
Create pulse surveys, ask feedback and engage people

"We can now link people’s development better with the operational reality and support the business. I love how we can see how our people connect to the system and the different teams, showcasing the reality of how we operate."

Kristiina Vainio

Chief People Officer at Houston Inc.

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Create professional development plans that align with experts' interests. Track their progress and nurture learning.

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Link the recruitment pipeline with customer opportunities to guarantee a seamless onboarding for new employees.

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