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Put people first with modern team management software

In the rapidly evolving workplace, the need for efficient, human-centric team management software has never been greater.
Agileday emerges as a pioneering solution, seamlessly blending team collaboration with operations to foster an professional service firms where innovation and people flourish.

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Transform to human-fit operations

Agileday is more than a traditional team management tool: it prioritizes human needs in professional services operations. It combines project and task management of the everyday operations with fostering talent, boosting engagement, and developing a culture of continuous growth. The innovation changes how to think of talent management by linking it to the everyday operations and business.  Enhance team management's and HR's significance within organizations and position it as a vital component of business triumph.

Stop with the talent challenge

Talent is key in professional services but yet peoplee functions often face a myriad of challenges: from time-consuming administrative tasks to a lack of visibility into operations. Agileday addresses these challenges and enables HR and team leaders to:

Streamline administrative tasks

Agileday bring key people data into one tool, combines talent data with operations and simplifies workflows to free up time for strategic development work.

Connect people data with business

Get real-time insights into people data, allocations, and interests and align people operations with business by identifying key development areas.

Forecast and respond to skilling needs

With Agileday, you can proactively manage competence needs and ensure alignment with company strategy, skills trainings, and individual growth aspirations.

Enhance recruitment and onboarding:

The platform connects the recruitment pipeline with project opportunities, streamlining the onboarding process and reducing time-to-productivity.

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Agileday is packed with features designed to support and enhance talent development and team management:

Comprehensive people dashboard

View skills, assignments, and development paths at a glance.

Real-time data analytics

Gain insights into competence needs and take proactive actions to address them.

Recruitment tool integration

Connect recruitment activities directly with project opportunities for seamless team integration.

Employee experience insights

Understand employee experiences by linking pulse surveys with project work, fostering a supportive and engaging work environment.

Analytics data showing the difference between skill proficiency and willingness

Create work life people deserve

Agileday helps people professionals, like HR and team leaders, become strategic partners of the business. Integrating people development tasks with how you lead the operations in the everyday and witness the benefits for growth and employee experience. It is a holistic team management software that simplifies people operations and supports your success while promoting talent growth, engagement, and innovation.

Discover how Agileday helps you transform your approach to people operations.

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