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Agileday Core

The key elements you need to run your people-first operations.

Key features

Talent profiles and competence development
Speculative staffing & presales engagement
Collaborative, two-way matchmaking
Portfolio & allocation management
CV and reference generation
Lead generation channel
Strategy & OKRs
Insight and engagement tools
Integrations & APIs


Time tracking

Complement the core with time tracking feature. Automatic time reporting based on allocations.

Advanced time tracking
Invoice integration
Deviation analysis & forecast


People Operations

All your needed tools for talent and people operations development. One platform that everyone uses.

Management of sensitive core HR data
Advanced engagement feature, like NPS score
Automated workflows

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From short-term gains to long-term value

Get rid of unused  tools and licences

Replace the tools for the different Agileday feature to optimize spending.

Higher utilization, sales and engagement

Improve the metrics that matter with a solution designed for it.

Long-term competitive differentiation

Put people at the center and develop culture that drives future success.

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All features and services

Sales acceleration

  • Gamified lead generation
  • Engaging pre-sales for winning
  • CV & testimonial generation
  • Quick & advanced talent search
  • Quick availability view

Talent profiles

  • Talent profiles with real-time 360-allocation view
  • Personal skills & certification & target state management
  • Development plans connected to skill gaps
  • Subcontractor and employee candidate management
  • Sensitive HR data management

Collaborative staffing

  • Real-time CRM mirroring
  • Opportunity enrich & publish
  • Demand creation with requirement setting
  • Find my next project with interest indication
  • Advanced four-dimensional matchmaking feature

Talent engagement

  • Find my next project
  • Rotation indication
  • Interest & willingness indication
  • Organizational insight gathering
  • Contextual pulse & surveys

Allocation management

  • High & low volume staffing workflow
  • Soft/hard/self-allocation support
  • Portfolio & people allocation management
  • Advanced forecasting
  • Deviation analysis

Time reporting

  • Intuitive hour entry UI with automatic timecard fulfillment
  • Flex time & vacation management
  • Management view & reporting
  • Freeze and approval process
  • Support for project based accounting

Strategy and OKRs

  • Strategy management natively connected to operations
  • Company wide strategy publishing
  • OKR card management
  • Gameplan creation
  • Development plans, opportunities, projects connected to strategy

Intelligent recommendations

  • Real-time skill gap analysis and recommended actions
  • Dynamic role-based homepage with relevant status indicators
  • Advanced multi-dimensional matchmaking recommendations
  • Automated notifications for actions required
  • Portfolio optimization and deviation alarms


  • Appraised people-first design & philosophy
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use UX for every role
  • Connected data empowering high data quality
  • Feedback loops optimized for machine learning
  • Advanced filters and preferences for optimized user experience


  • Natively connected integration platform and data studio
  • Over 100 plug & play integrations
  • Robust GraphQL API for read and write operations
  • Real-time event messaging service
  • Embedded data warehouse

AI and analytics

  • Contextual in-app analytics support
  • Data storing for analysing trends and patterns
  • AI optimized data vectoring
  • Event based data modelling
  • Plug & Play BI integration

Platform management

  • Native SSO with Google / MS / SSO-platforms
  • Notification engine supporting in-app & Slack/Teams
  • Robust data management
  • Flexible roles & permissions management
  • Global settings management

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