Right people + right projects = healthy utilization.

Agileday is the only people-first operating platform for professional services that uses a collaborative matching process to connect talent with demand.

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Resourcing tools use an ineffective “one-way” approach to matching talent to projects.

Your team doesn't have visibility into upcoming projects, so they wait passively for their next assignment.

Your team isn’t incentivized to keep their their CVs and skills up-to-date in your resourcing tool.

You allocate people to projects without their input. It's an outdated command and control approach.

Agileday takes a transparent approach and allows all your talent to participate in the matchmaking process.

Engage Individuals

Let your team show interest in projects that match their skills and passions.

Agileday’s “Find My Next Project” lets your team see your company’s upcoming assignments and raise their hands for the projects that most interest them.

Screenshot of an opening card, with candidates and interested people

Connect Sales & Delivery

Convert CRM data into information the whole team can rally behind.

Agileday’s “What’s Cooking in Sales” view lets the whole team see and support upcoming deals to improve win rate and project staffing.

Opportunities with information about starting time, size and technology

Operate Effectively

Get suggestions based on availability, profitability, skills, and desires.

Agileday’s “Magical Matchmaking” improves utilization by automatically connecting sales, people, and project data across your entire company in one transparent system.

Before Agileday, we struggled to keep track of consultants' projects, availabilities and allocations. With people juggling multiple client assignments simultaneously, it was hard to see the reality of our operations. Unlike traditional resourcing tools, Agileday motivates everyone to keep their information up to date. This has enabled us to grow profitably while keeping our people happy.

Juha Harju

CEO and Founder

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